Church Resources

Ruling Elder
The local church governing body, the Session, oversees the day-to-day work of the church. The Session consists of nine ruling elders and the teaching elder (pastor), who serves as moderator. Being a Presbyterian ruling elder provides a church member with a unique opportunity to offer servant leadership to the congregation and an experience of spiritual growth. They serve as the representatives of all the people of the church and is responsible for the Church Organizational, Policies, and Bylaws Manual, which is linked here.  Current members of the Session include: Edna Blue, Rosalind Lennon Carletta Moore, Frances Turner, Everett Ward, Carolyn Williams, Chie Handy, Joni Coburn, Michael Pollard.

Deacons are the “servants” or “caregivers” of the congregation. Members and associates of Davie Street Presbyterian have all kinds of needs as they recover from surgery, illness, grief, loneliness, or otherwise in a time when they welcome the ministry of care.  Ordained Deacons are elected for a term of three years and can be reelected for a second three-year term. Deacons pursue several outreach ministries as part of their commitment to service. Current members of the Deacon Board include: Sharon Ann Carr, Joni Craven, Jacquelyn Benbow, Barbara Harris, Mabel Steele, Debra Clayton, Ruth Payton, Delores Parker.

The Trustee Board at Davie Street Presbyterian is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and preservation of the church, the land and the parking lots owned by DSPC.  Whereas the Session carries the responsibility for property and finance, as well as for worship and congregational life, the Trustees have the immediate responsibility for management of the property, including care, maintenance, accessibility for the disabled, compliance with applicable building, fire, access and safety codes, and use restrictions. Current members of the Trustee Board include: Tonya McNeil-Henderson, Alton Haywood, Raymond Harris, Melbadene Battle, Sharyn McCalla, Charles Tita, Joy Bryant, Katherine Everett, Terrance Woodyard.