Missions and Ministries

Davie Street Presbyterian Church members are dedicated to investing our energies and resources to promoting the mission opportunities to Davie Street Presbyterian and the larger Church community.  Currently, Davie Street Presbyterian supports:

Davie Street Presbyterian puts faith into action.  Davie Street is part of a coalition of churches in the community that come together to build homes, communities, and hope. We get our hands dirty, have fun, give back, and meet many new people, including the homeowners, who are putting in sweat equity. It is way to make a tangible impact in the work to provide affordable housing in the community.

Currently closed due to limited access to the building. With support from the Food Bank of Raleigh, church and community donations, and food drives, Davie Street has opened the church on Thursdays for food pickup. Our intention is to restore services as soon as it is deemed safe.

Mission and Outreach Ministry (Click Here to learn more)
Davie Street Outreach Ministry members believe that faith is lived out in action and seek to meet the needs of people who live in our community.  For many years, the members of Davie Street Outreach Ministry have worked to address the challenges related to homelessness, hunger, and the education of children of struggling parents. More community partnerships below:

Arise Collective

Bugg Elementary


Women's Center