Jubiliee Sunday


On June 30, 2024, the 5th Sunday in June, Davie Street Presbyterian Church held a Jubilee Sunday service The theme was, “We Have Come This Far By Faith”.   This was a special celebration of all the hard work the church family has put forth in defining who we are and identifying our mission as a spiritual body in God’s community of people.

Our Interim Pastor, Rev. Dr. Vanessa Hawkins, led the service which began at 10:30 am with praise and prayer for God’s presence and love.  It included four of our church family members sharing their joy in being a part of Davie Street and our closing hymn was a beautiful vocalization of We’ve Come This Far by Faith by the men’s choir.

Our jubilee continued with an inspiring slideshow service that spotlighted, through photos, the many collaborative community activities the congregation has spearheaded, the mission projects we have undertaken and the group activities we have celebrated.  The Mission Study Report produced by the church has moved the church body forward to renew, reorganize and redefine ourselves.

Following the presentation, we gathered in the Fellowship Hall to finish our jubilee celebration with a revival of our fifth Sunday family dinner with delicious dishes prepared by our own church family and friends.   What a day of fellowship, what a jubilee! Here is the link to photos