Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Davie Street,

I hope you are doing well this morning.

As you are aware life has changed very rapidly in the last 48 hours in North Carolina and the United States regarding the rate of acceleration of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). After Sunday’s worship service the Session met for a called meeting and approved the following actions:

1) We will not gather for worship next Sunday (March 22) and will evaluate on a week-to-week basis when to resume. (NOTE: This was prior to last night’s CDC recommendation for gatherings to have no more than 50 people).

2) Creation of a church YouTube channel for the purpose of creating online spiritual development and worship services. We have created a Church YouTube Page Click the Link:

Davie Street YouTube Page

3) Creation of social media accounts (Zoom, FreeConferenceCall, etc.) for communication purposes by the Session and members.

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), The following activities/gatherings have been postponed
until further notice –

*Adult and Children’s Sunday School
*Tuesday weekly Midday Bible Study/Prayer group
*Circle I Women’s Day Brunch (was scheduled for Saturday,
March 14)
*Thursday Family Night Dinner (was scheduled for Thursday,
March 19)
*Children’s Ministry Retreat (was scheduled for Saturday,
March 21)

*March 22) We will not gather for worship next Sunday and will evaluate on a week-to-week basis when to resume.
*Monthly Prayer and Testimony service (was scheduled for
Thursday, March 26)
*Youth Leadership Retreat (was scheduled for Saturday,
March 28)

The Session will meet for our monthly stated meeting on Tuesday evening, March 24th.

Rev. Wade and the members who are serving as our weekly church administrators will be available during regular office hours to handle church business and pastoral care issues. Please feel free to call the church and we will assist you.

Beginning today Rev. Wade and others will begin to work on a church virtual social media communications plan, including establishing on online giving site. This will be for the purpose of keeping you informed and connected as the body of Christ. There will be a lot of communication with you this week via Facebook, email, phone tree, and videos. Please be on the lookout for these messages.

Beloved, we are definitely living in unfamiliar times. For us as followers of Christ and specifically as African-Americans, this is nothing new. However we rely on the faith of our ancestors who braved difficult times by their strong belief in God and encouraged us to “hold on to God’s unchanging hand.” I am a firm believer that despite the challenges ahead we are called to be faithful in praying for each other and the world, serving Christ and Christ’s people, and practing safe, protective health protocols. Be assured that we are not alone for God has always promised to be with us. You are always welcome to contact me and let us continue to “pray without ceasing.”

Rev. Wade